MoU MIIT proposal cynergy

Gelderland and China act on semicon industry

The Province of Gelderland wants to strengthen cooperation with the semiconductor industry in China. Deputy Michiel Scheffer signed a letter of intent with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) on November 24, 2017 in Wuhan. The agreement is countersigned by Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands. The letter of intent is part of the Gelderland trade mission to Wuhan.

Semicon industry

With Novio Tech Campus and world renowned companies such as NXP, Nexperia and Ampleon, Nijmegen is the heart of the semiconductor (microchips) industry in the Netherlands. Chinese companies invest a lot in semicon companies in Gelderland. Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands wants to further develop these relationships. The cooperation agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology opens the door for this.

Talent development

The cooperation focuses primarily on talent development and the exchange of knowledge and skills. An internship program is setup for the exchange of students and researchers from China and Gelderland. China and Gelderland organize annual conferences and seminars around the latest technological developments. For companies, matchmaking sessions and company visits are organized to explore the possibilities for cooperation.

Partners for International Business

For BCS, this signing of the MIIT MoU is part of the Strategic ‘Partners for International Business’ (PIB) plan called ‘BASE CHINA’ (Business Accelerator Semicon Equipment). This plan enables BCS to create strategic cooperations with relevant organisations in China, and use this to further increase the business between Dutch and Chinese Semicon Companies. The PIB plan is co-financed by the Dutch government (RVO).