Business visit by Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group

Business visit by Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group, May 2017

Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands (BCS) is busy developing strategic relationships with China. The growth of this sector in China is going extremely fast. Although it is not the largest country yet when it comes to semiconductor, it is the largest country when you look at investment and growth in this sector. The Chinese government has set itself the goal to no longer be dependent on foreign countries within five years when it comes to producing chips. They want to have that in their own hands. As a result, an enormous number of chip factories are being built up there, and these are really gigantic numbers. The next step is to fill those plants with the right machines and that is where Dutch expertise comes into play.

In this light, the investment group Xiamen Investment Group visited our region for the second time in December. This group specifically invests in the semiconductors, although until now they were mainly active in China and Asia. They want to expand to Europe. Their goal is to help companies and to establish contacts with the Chinese market, not to bring them to China. During this visit we were given the chance to show what is happening in this region in the area of semiconductors and how our ecosystem works.

May 19 2017, we welcomed the Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. We started the day with a meeting with Business Cluster Semiconductors, Oost NL and the CEOs of several semiconductor companies. After a welcome by Cindy Shao, Mr. Huilian Wang  introduced the Xiamen Investment Group.

Followed by three interesting presentations about:

  • HighTech in East Netherlands by Albert Hoogeveen,  Sector Manager Life Sciences & High Tech at East Netherlands Development Agency;
  • Trymax by CEO – Leo Meijer;
  • Sempro Technologies by CEO – Ewald Peters.

After lunch the Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group and partners visited three companies: Trymax, Sempro and Boschman Technologies.